This is The Transcontinental, a medium-weight worker-placement and pickup-and-deliver game about the development of the Canadian transcontinental railway, with award-winning mechanics and a rich historical theme. Players take the role of contractors working for the railway company, delivering resources to develop cities, mining camps, farms, and even national parks, bid resources to extend the railway, work to complete secret investments, and play ally cards representing an inclusive cast of historical figures. 

All information here is in draft form, and will be finalized before our Kickstarter closes on December 10th. If you're a retail and you have additional questions or feedback, please email me here.

Pledging at the Retailer Pledge Level for $5 unlocks the Pledge Manager and will give you access to purchasing the game at retail prices post-Kickstarter. This is intended for Brick & Mortar Retailers, and we'll confirm that you are a B&M retailer before shipping. Details for web-only retail are still being worked out. 

A retail carton consists of 6 copies of the game. This is the minimum order quantity. 

The MSRP is ~$50 USD, ~$65 CAD. 

Retail cost is 50% of MSRP, plus applicable taxes and shipping from our fulfillment partner. 

This comes out to a total of ~$150 USD, ~$195 CAD for one retail carton, plus shipping and applicable taxes.

We will also include one demo copy of the game with your first retail carton.  

Our fulfillment partner is D6 Fulfillment for Canada, US, and Australia (via Aetherworks), and Shipquest for Europe. 

Localization packs are available for French and German. The pricing on these language packs is still being worked out, but if you are a retailer interested in providing these language packs to your customers, please let me know! 

For Retailers in the EU and UK, VAT will be charged on your wholesale cost. If you are in the UK, your copy will be shipped from a facility within the UK. If you are located within the EU, your copy will be shipped from within the EU (Germany). In both cases, you'll be required to pay VAT on the items to be imported into the region. You'll be charged VAT through the pledge manager based on the price you pay, and the fulfillment company and I will take care of clearing the goods through customs so you'll have no additional charges. We'll provide an invoice with our VAT number, which you'll be able to use to claim back the VAT. 

Shipping rates will be available through the pledge-manager, post campaign. 

The Kickstarter and Retail versions of the game will be identical, and will be shipped at the same time; we currently anticipate delivery to be around July, 2021. 

Ongoing, post-Kickstarter distribution has not yet been determined. 

Box size is approx. 30cm * 16cm * 8cm.