Information for Reviewers


Player Count: 1-4

Playing Time: 75-105 min

Anticipated Kickstarter Date: November, 2020


Why You Should Review The Transcontinental

Award-winning mechanics

The Transcontinental won the 2019 Canadian Game Design Award and is a finalist for the 2020 Cardboard Edison Award. In particular, contest judges and players alike have praised the dual-sided worker placement track system, which takes the idea of a linear worker placement track like that found in classic worker placements like Caylus, and adds additional layers of interesting decisions. 

Another feature mechanic is a shared pickup and deliver system: all resources must be shipped to their destination before they're used. The decisions one player makes in loading and unloading resources may help or hinder their opponents. 

A blind-bidding phase in the middle of each round allows players to extend the railway (also the worker placement track) by bidding resources from the train, with victory points and bonus actions at stake.  




Inclusive Approach to History

When I started exploring this theme a few years ago, one thing that I realized right away is that I wasn't comfortable with creating a railway game that ignored the more problematic elements of railway history. The approach I settled was using historical figures within the game, but going beyond the most famous figures associated with that story and finding traditionally overlooked characters who have interesting stories to tell and roles to play in the game. With discussions on inclusivity in both the gaming community and game design, I'm excited to share these stories, as well as talking about how these questions has made my game better. 

Art and Design

Not all of the artwork for The Transcontinental is finished, but what is completed is looking great. This is a game with strong visual appeal. Your review copy will come with a fully illustrated board and tiles, and approximately 1/3 of the card artwork completed. 


Other Information


Right now I'm looking at a November kickstarter date, so my priority is getting copies out to reviewers who will be able to have it done by then. I have hand-assembled review copies ready to send out now. 

Download a Draft Rulebook

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Note: Does not include solo-mode rules at this time. If you're interested in reviewing or previewing the solo mode, please let me know. 

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