Use this page to schedule a demo of The Transcontinental: either a 3-hour full game including teaching, or a 30 minute learning session. 

The 30 minute session essentially teaches you enough of the game that you can play the Tabletop Simulator mod on your own. You can either participate in Tabletop Simulator, or watch the video stream via Discord and ask me questions. Any number of people are welcome for these 1-hour demo sessions, but only the first 4 people will be able to interact in Tabletop Simulator. 

If scheduling a full game, please consider inviting others. If booking a full game by yourself, I may ask you to join another existing game instead, or invite others to your session. 

All sessions are open for anyone to watch. 

All voice chat and discussion relating to these demos happens on our Discord channel, here. You'll be invited to join our Discord community after registering for an event. 

Not familiar with Discord? It's a free app that makes it easy for a group of people to have voice, text-chat, video-sharing, and game-streaming.